Port of export – Green hydrogen from Chile to the world

  • In the fight against climate change, energy matrix in all countries must be rapidly decarbonized. The key to this lies firstly in the use of electricity in various sectors in which it currently has a low share (i.e. transport, industry).
  • For the decarbonization green hydrogen emerges as a solution due to its high energy density and that its combustion does not produce CO2, an energy carrier with many applications.
  • Since hydrogen is not found in the elemental form on earth, it must be artificially produced. If hydrogen is produced from renewable energies, then we can refer to it as green hydrogen.
  • The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimated that the world demand for hydrogen by 2018 was about 73 Mt. The demand continues to grow in the coming years, especially for green hydrogen.
  • Countries like Chile, with great potential for renewable energy, can become energy suppliers for large industrial nations in the medium-term. The advantage of hydrogen and its derivatives is that it can be transported over long distances. Chile, consequently, through exporting materials derived from green hydrogen, could build a new economic pillar supported by its wide-ranging renewable energies potential at its disposal.
Puerto de Exportación - Hidrógeno Verde de Chile al mundo