Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional

Through transmission lines the electricity is transported from the power plants to the consumption centers, such as cities, companies, industries and small businesses.

The National Electricity Coordinator is the technical and independent entity in charge of coordinating the safe and efficient operation of the National Electricity System’s facilities, guaranteeing access to electricity at all times. Its work is essential to manage the power generation of variable renewable energy from sources such as solar and wind.

As a result of the joint work between the Coordinator and the GIZ, the implementation of a Centralized Forecasting System for wind and solar generation stands out. Its objective is to use the sources of information and data provided by the operating companies and a specialized external service, in order to continuously improve the management of the generation of this type of energy.

Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional
Video Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional*
*Refering to the electricity matrix in Chile of 2018